smile virtual consult

Smile Virtual Consult

October 31st, 2018

Smile Virtual Consult

  Orthodontic Consultations From Your Own Couch!

So you have finally decided you are going to do something about those crooked front teeth or debilitating overbite you or your child try to hide in every picture you take.  But the thought of calling the orthodontist and adding one more thing to your already overbooked schedule takes the wind right out from under your wings (no pun intended..well, kind of intended).  All you really want to know is what your options are to improve your smile, how long your treatment would take, and how much it would cost — if only there were a way to get these questions answered in the comfort of your own home, preferably while still wearing your favorite pajamas.

Well…consider us your personal genie, because your wish has been granted.  With Dr. Wing’s revolutionary new Smile Virtual Consult for Orthodontics, you can have all of these questions answered simply by sending Dr. Wing four easy pictures of your teeth.  He will take these pictures and prepare a short slide show that will explain how orthodontic treatment can improve your smile and bite, what treatment options are available to you, and of course…how much each option will cost.

This all sounds incredible, you say, but you’d still like to meet the orthodontist whom you will be entrusting your teeth or your children’s teeth to and seeing every 6-8 weeks in the office.  Well, Dr. Wing isn’t making house calls quite yet for these in-home consultations, but he has come up with something that’s a close second to actual in-person face time.  The email that he sends you will include a link to a video that he will have recorded earlier, and in this video he will be talking to you from a face bubble in the lower left corner of your screen and explaining every part of the slide show that is playing in front of you.  Other than sitting in our office movie theater and smelling the tantalizing scent of freshly baked cookies, you will have just completed the same orthodontic consultation as other patients who still choose the “old fashioned” way of coming to the office.


The best part of this in-home video consultation is that there is absolutely no fee or obligation.  After you view your video as many times as you wish, you either tell yourself “sounds amazing…but maybe later,” or “let’s do it!”  If you wish to get started, the next step is simply to call our office and schedule an appointment to get your braces on or get your teeth scanned to begin Invisalign treatment.

If you’d like to give the Smile Virtual Consult a test drive, just click on the link below and follow the simple instructions of how to upload the four pictures of your teeth and send them to Dr. Wing.  In this day and age of online shopping and doorstep delivery of any restaurant food you can imagine, doesn’t this just make sense?


"We LOVE Wing Orthodontics! I have had 2 children as patients and a 3rd about ready to be a patient. The office is so friendly and organized. They are prompt and always help my children feel at ease."~ Laurie D
"Dr. Wing and his staff have been taking care of my teeth for the last 16 months. They always treat you like you are their only patient. Dr. Wing is great at spending the extra time with you to answer questions and make sure everything is good."~ Joseph L
"The staff at Wing is amazingly sweet and helpful, Dr. Wing is a caring and thorough orthodontist, and the way they treat their patients is phenomenal. The movie theater in the office and awesome client parties don't hurt either."~ Sarah G
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