What Sets Us Apart

At Wing Orthodontics, we treat our patients the same way we would like to be treated: with respect and professionalism. We consider patient care and customer service an art (we’ve even read “Raving Fans”), and our mission is to exceed our patients’ expectations in every way.

As the Wing Team, we promise to:​

  • Create a brilliant smile you can be proud of and enjoy for the rest of your life! No more Snapchat for you — who wants that perfect smile to disappear after 20 seconds?
  • Communicate with you at each appointment regarding the progress of your treatment and answer any questions you have. Nobody likes being in the orthodontic dark … unlike the sound advice given to little Carol Anne, we want you to go toward the light.
  • Be efficient with your time and keep waiting times to a minimum. Nothing spikes Dr. Wing’s blood pressure more than patients waiting in his office. He can’t even watch the DMV sloth scene in Zootopia without getting fidgety.
  • Make the journey to your new perfect smile a fun and exciting adventure! Just because your teeth are occasionally sore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be having a good time!
  • Never make you wear that freak-show headgear that Willy Wonka’s dad made him wear in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.